The Michigan Entomological Society publishes a quarterly newsletter, journal, and the occasional Entomology Notes.



Entomology Notes

These 2-4 page fact-filled publications are provided for educators and students. Each note features a particular insect or aspect of entomology, and are useful study and teaching aids. We are always looking for authors to submit new additions to the series.

Almost all of the Entomology Notes are now available from this server. We hope that this resource proves invaluable for educators and students.

Newsletter of the Michigan Entomological Society

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The Society's newsletter is published 2 -4 times per year. Current events, Society business, entomological humor, and short articles provide a timely way to keep up with happenings in the MES membership. In 2017, the Newsletter will be only available online.

The Great Lakes Entomologist

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The journal publishes papers dealing with nearly any aspect of entomology. Appropriate subjects are those of interest professional and to amateur entomologists in the Great Lakes region, North Central states, and Canada, as well as papers directed to a larger audience. The journal is peer-reviewed, and each volume numbers over 300 pages. Starting in 2017, we are publishing the journal online and will cease the paper copies. Please check out the new site for the journal. You will need to create a (free) account with Valpo Press.
For author instructions, go here.


LAST UPDATED 04/13/2017